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I looked to call but never heard,
Her laughter towards a sorry form.
So hungry now I ate my words,
And walked beyond a silent storm.
Now still desired I to warm,
A cold and avaricious heart.
But lacking all ways to inform,
Here I stand, if ever to start?
But with me now, my sullen art,
So off to craft another soul.
Whose beauty words cannot impart,
Eyes of silver patterned with gold.
When the land of dreams meets the light of day,
You are with me then ‘fore you pass away.

Out Into the Blue

In madness, the warped mind twists and snakes upwards towards the light,
Yet remains forevermore in a dark and sickly night.
There I was, though with a memory that knew not where to start,
In this forest, black and ominous, that keeps you and I apart.
Running through the smothering haze of murky, poisoned fumes,
Where the trees cover a pallid sky and the end always looms,
I heard the voices shouting screaming cursing me for I,
I never knew the warmth that rested in a lover’s eye.
And though my dreams had offered once a chance I would be saved,
Now I felt my dreams would only haunt me to the grave.
All I’ve ever wanted is to run out into the blue,
And laugh and sing with all the rest but most of all see you.
See you and give you what the world could never give to me,
To love and dance and shine for everyone we’d ever see.
But I can’t seem to run away, this forest holds me close,
That sickly sweet and slithering comfort for which I am the host.
There’s something reassuring when you cannot run away,
The knowledge that tomorrow is no different than today.
But still I wonder, still I wonder, if there was a way,
Would I take the leap of faith or like all else just pass away?

It seemed like years I had been stumbling around here in the dark,
In this forest, in this prison ship I could never disembark.
When suddenly my eyesight left me, no it was just light,
Light that blinded me; I had forgotten day could follow night.
Behind me rose the towering trees, sentinels of the dusk,
But before me lay a sight I didn’t believe that I could trust.
A river, soft and mellow, meandering quietly through the day,
And far across the turquoise water, I saw the angels lay.
I was enveloped with a wonder known only to children’s minds,
By what miracle had I been brought here, only of my kind.
As I was watching ancestral spirits praying to the dawn,
A voice that seemed to come from me began to sing a song.
I heard of riches imagination would never dare to dream,
And lands where all the peoples would bow down just to me.
Then another voice said “It’s a lie” and doubt began to creep,
Inside my mind like nightmares do when children try to sleep.
Perhaps it was too good to be true, would all this wealth and power,
Really bring me happiness during my final hour?
So there I lay, a battlefield of cold lust and self-doubt,
Beside this river whose turquoise water seemed the only offer out.

But lo, what sound could wake me from this troubled reverie?
A new voice and a new song now were drifting on the breeze.
I couldn’t place the origin nor could I hear the words,
But there was something in the tune that I had never before heard.
It held a warmth and kindness, enough to soothe a troubled soul,
It didn’t need cold logic and it didn’t demand control.
Nor too were doubt and mistrust tones that echoed through my brain,
Those hallmarks of the mind which has embraced the insane.
Instead there was a nakedness and honesty inside,
The song which never claimed to have anything to hide.
Soon the river’s waters began to ripple and then she came,
Sailing in a boat with room for two, and one spot still remained.
I felt my heart begin to race, “Was this the chance I sought?
Salvation from the loneliness that clouds my every thought?”
The other voices began to sense a changing deep inside,
And soon they tried to warn me of the dangers of the ride.
“That boat will bring you nowhere, if you think that you’re trapped now,
Just imagine how hard life will be with no friends but the clouds.”
But the deceit could not be hidden from their poisonous words,
While in your song the purity of love was all I heard.

The boat pulled up along the shore, you beckoned me aboard,
That face that held a beauty I had so long adored.
Maybe all the doubts are true, but for what I desire most,
If in some universe there is a chance, I stepped off of the coast.
Into the boat and silence was the only sound I heard,
The voices that had plagued me had vanished without a word.
I looked at her, she looked at me, we pushed off from the shore,
With no doubts now that life could change and love last evermore.

When the Sun Falls to Earth

In the dark and frosty morning of the first winters chill,
I was alone inside my home on old Adam’s Hill.
Awakening to another day who knew only gray,
Who knew only gray.
And all I wanted to do was roll back in bed,
And drift away to other lands where nothing would be said,
Nothing would be said about this cold winter day,
This cold winter day.
The last embers burned out, I watched as they cried,
For the will to go on living but finally they died,
They died and the warmth that had tickled my bones,
Would not reach my soul.
No this man whose heart had given everything it had,
No longer had the strength to feel happy or feel sad,
Since the world had taken the only thing I ever wished to love,
I ever wished to love.

It was in spring when flowers meet the first exciting dawn,
When the sun is up and birds are calling them to come along.
My heart was young, my mind was light, as I walked through the fields,
As I walked through the fields.
I was alone, but no I heard a song that had no words,
A song that birds would dream to sing, a song that could be heard,
Not with the ears or with the mind but only with the heart,
Only with the heart.
Then she came, I thought the sun had fallen down to Earth,
Her hair was so radiant as to blind like light at first birth.
And her eyes were like two crystalline stars in a dark dark night,
Giving hope and light.
Everyday I walked through the fields and everyday I found,
Another reason, another life when love was all around.
For to be near her was to be near something words could not define,
To be with the divine.

Soon the days grew longer, and I praised the Lord for this,
Anytime I was asleep was a time that I would miss,
I was not with her and my dreams were only to be awake,
Only to be awake.
I raced the sun to the dawn, and watched him exit west,
Bowing out to the moon and stars when loving is the best.
It’s the things that you can’t see that always taste the sweetest,
Always taste the sweetest.
Sometimes we would spend the day and never speak a word,
Just sit and laugh at the beauty that existed in our world.
It was only times like this that I would fear death,
When heaven was every breath.
We thought as one we breathed as one we loved as one,
My Eve and I were only meant to exist as one.
And the force that would tear us apart,
Even the devil felt ashamed.

As summer waned and autumn’s colors first swept crossed the trees,
We felt no chill together from the cool fall breeze.
We believed that life would never change, and harmony would go on,
Harmony would go on.
But from the first cough I was scared and soon she lay in bed,
I was right there by her side and together we both read.
Poems that passed down through the ages, looking now for wisdom,
What to do at the end.
I remember the day, a storm was raging as Satan sought his prize,
I watched her final breath escape her lips before my eyes.
But the skies had cleared and heaven reclaimed the only love I knew,
The only love I knew.
Half a man whose heart was now refusing to go on,
Life is just a petty game, for the ride we go along.
I knew that someday, someday I will feel my love again,
Feel your love again.

Light in a Dark Place

I’m sorry that I’m not Jesus,
No, I can’t save the whole world,
But at least let me save you.

I’ll shine wherever you need me,
Until the dawning of a new day,
And a new star arises.

No one has gone so far,
That they can’t come back around,
And start all over again.

I still remember the first time,
Oh, that the world didn’t stop spinning,
And the sun fall from the sky.

So I prayed for the sun to never set,
That it would be held in the sky a while longer,
But night came too soon.

What we had wasn’t real,
It had to end for no love,
Could be so strong.

We found light in a dark place,
Like a supernova we exploded,
And slowly faded away.

Moonlit Day

Moonlit day with a sapphire sky,
With ripples in the silver stream.
Black raven flies upon a grey sky,
While moths dance on the silent breeze.

Melancholy tears by the fireside,
Purple flower among the brown leaves.
Gravestone in an open clearing,
Broken bough on a crooked tree.

Swirling rapids on a mellow rock,
Gleaming sunlight shining through,
Streaming through the cloistered clouds,
Bring me warmth I know is true.

Rolling hills of copper and crimson,
Golden cliffs overlook the sea.
A wooden bridge cross the open ocean,
Purple flower in a poppy field.

A bright forest further I can see,
Lying across the dark open field.
Past the stone cottage, a storm is brewing,
In the eye of the storm I will be healed.

Sweet sleep creeping across my vision,
Cover my eyes and take me away.
Though where the dream starts and,
Where the world ends I can’t say.

Swirling rapids on a mellow rock,
Gleaming sunlight shining through,
Purple flower amidst the falls,
Bring me warmth I know is true.

By the Crescent Moon

By the crescent moon I wait for my comeuppance but I know,
I cannot live within myself but without I fear to go.
The sentencing was swift and harsh, and no appeal was made,
And time has seen, the memories all begin to fade.

Drowning in my shadow I watch my life roll away,
But the tide of life does not roll back in later in the day.
I thought I knew but then I was always blinded by the light,
And now I lie here, sleeping in an everlasting night.

And though I try, I never can wake,
All my life has seen to take,
Is that which I never can earn back.
You cannot live with a life you lack.
Bring me out of this misery,
Take away my cold apathy.
And let the warmth flow through my blood,
Before I’m swallowed by the flood.

Trapped within the drenching darkness deep within my mind,
Bound only by the chains and bars I’ve put myself behind.
Lost in the shadows, there’s nowhere I can run.
Far away from the warmth brought by the setting sun.

But suddenly I feel a crack,
In the wall and I attack.
Claw my way out from myself,
Turn around into someone else.
Someone else who I can’t see,
And only know because he’s me.
And when you run out from your mind,
You know you’re just as good as blind.

Spiraling Ever Upwards

Spiraling ever upwards to the starry, dreamy sky,
I look ahead while wondering what I have left behind.
The waves upon the world seem to vanish in the breeze,
That comes upon their faces like a bird that’s flying free.

High upon the purple mountains wait until you know,
You’ve reached the top but down is not the only place to go.
Step back and catch a breath of the perfume in the air,
That rises from the pines and surrounds you everywhere.

Take a step and careful or you’ll fall into your mind,
And what’s within is sometimes better left unto the blind.
The hazel trees are rustling in the winds up from the sea,
Dive under and gaze upon the world that’s meant to be.

Turn around and find it isn’t you that’s left behind,
Another man whose face seems ever more obscured left your mind.
With the birds and bees offer up a fond and true farewell,
In the days to come wait only for the sounding of the knell.

The silver crystals dancing cross the sky for you and me,
As the ruby turns away upon a different company.
The reflection of our lives rises higher with the breeze,
And is blown away as finally we find what it is to be free.

Hazel Skies

I remember hazel skies,
And the song borne through all the trees,
On the soft southern breeze.
It came to whisper into my ear,
A sound too faint to hear,
And then it slowly slipped away again.
I don’t know where I’ve been.
I turned to look through the violet lens,
All the straight lines were bends,
And then I slipped off into a dream,
Or at least that’s what it seems.
Feel like I’m living a dream.
Don’t wake me up when I fall back asleep,
The only thing I can keep,
When I’m in my mind,
The only thing that’s mine, don’t mind the time,
It’s only a dream.

I remember chestnut seas,
Where the water would never freeze,
I waded in to my knees.
The salmon sun spelled in the sky,
Words too far from my eye,
And then I saw marshmallows rolling in.
I don’t know where to begin.
Took off my glasses and I peered through the dawn,
All the rights seemed so wrong.
It’s not like when I’m drifting through my dreams,
I know what everything means,
When I’m living a dream.
Don’t wake me up when I fall back asleep,
The only thing I can keep,
When I’m in my mind,
The only thing that’s mine, don’t mind the time,
It’s only a dream.

Stuffed Men

Red or blue? Pick your side. Just know there’s no way out alive. Crosses burn and stars will fade, crescent moons will wax and wane. But don’t believe me? Take your pick. Just know that it might hurt a bit. Marching anthems, shouts of glee, oh what a happy jubilee. So fill yourself up, burn that fuel. Make a man become a tool. Then fly away, into the stars. The ashes burn over pits of tar. If nothing else, can we agree? There’s nothing I would rather be. So shoot me up, don’t bring me down. Delusions of grandeur all around. Men stuffed full of truth and lies. Only love what money buys. And I won’t vote and I won’t pray, for night has fallen on this day. So take your pick, pick your side. Just know there’s no way out alive.