Monthly Archives: November 2013

Sunset Avenue

Dawn was breaking everywhere when I came into this world anew,
And ever since, the world’s been turning, there was nothing I could do,
And I knew the light could only last so long, before it slowly slipped out of view.
So I went out on the road, not for glory or gold, I only wanted to find the truth.
And ever since I’ve been walking down this Sunset Avenue.

I passed a man with long grey hair and dull, listless eyes,
I saw a thousand stories never told amongst the lies.
And then he’s gone, I had moved on, still further down the road,
To the grave he’ll go, and we’ll never know, all the things he meant to do,
And still I searched for my answers out on Sunset Avenue.

Then I passed by the place where dreams all go to die,
And I quickened my pace, I couldn’t bear to see the faces asking “Why?”
But then I thought I heard a voice, and I thought I heard it calling for me.
Oh can’t you see, I’m still so young and free, don’t try and drag me down with you,
But I knew one day I’d be back out on Sunset Avenue.

I’ve been to the place where children go, when they die before they reach two.
And I stood on the wall, and looked out on them all, not even able to move.
And I heard them crying, all alone, in eternal solitude.
Why oh God why, did they have to die, before they had even reached two?
And here they will wait, for there is no escape from Sunset Avenue.

I saw a thousand mothers crying, with their heads all in their hands,
And some were sitting and some were lying, not even able to stand,
After the years out on the road, searching for their lost sons,
Some taken by knives, and some taken by guns, but there was nothing they could do,
But still they search, no matter how much it hurts, on Sunset Avenue.

Light in a Dark Place

I’m sorry that I’m not Jesus,
No, I can’t save the whole world,
But at least let me save you.

I’ll shine wherever you need me,
Until the dawning of a new day,
And a new star arises.

No one has gone so far,
That they can’t come back around,
And start all over again.

I still remember the first time,
Oh, that the world didn’t stop spinning,
And the sun fall from the sky.

So I prayed for the sun to never set,
That it would be held in the sky a while longer,
But night came too soon.

What we had wasn’t real,
It had to end for no love,
Could be so strong.

We found light in a dark place,
Like a supernova we exploded,
And slowly faded away.

Walk With Me

Snow swirls about my face,
Beating down upon my door.
The icy hands clutch my heart,
Until I’m with you once more.

Black leaves fall, across my path,
I feel a chill right through my core.
Piece together the light in the shadows,
As I stumble upon your door.

Walk with me ‘til the first sunlight,
Walk with me through the darkest night.
Walk with me ‘til the sun shines down,
On your face in the pale moonlight.

Winds come whipping around my forehead,
Blow me right back on down the street.
Trudging onward, if it takes me hours,
Soon enough I will find my heat.

Sight goes dark, hands not feeling,
Stumble and fall, into the cold.
And then your touch is upon my shoulder,
Put out your hand, give me something to hold.

Walk with me ‘til the first sunlight,
Walk with me through the darkest night.
Walk with me ‘til the sun shines down,
On your face in the pale moonlight.

Processed People

I watch the processed people, live their lives on conveyor belts.
Is it really freedom, if you’re held by invisible chains?
The man walks up and smiles, he’s got enough ‘til tomorrow.
And continues on without caring, about his aches or pains.

The girl standing on my corner, calls to wave me over,
“Does it make a difference?” she asks as she blows her friend a kiss.
Two eyes, a mouth, and a nose, she thinks more than she knows,
The blind man is truly the only one who lives in bliss.

His paper numbers thirty, though his face shows fifty,
By the time he makes it, there will be no looking back.
To sit and speak in silence, what more could you ask for?
I showed myself to the door, and looked at the stings on his back.

Start out talking madness, only then knowing gladness,
As the veil is lifted, the shroud appears to darken your eyes.
And when once more insanity, stops by, this time to stay,
It’s only because you can no longer tell the truth from all the lies.

Moonlit Day

Moonlit day with a sapphire sky,
With ripples in the silver stream.
Black raven flies upon a grey sky,
While moths dance on the silent breeze.

Melancholy tears by the fireside,
Purple flower among the brown leaves.
Gravestone in an open clearing,
Broken bough on a crooked tree.

Swirling rapids on a mellow rock,
Gleaming sunlight shining through,
Streaming through the cloistered clouds,
Bring me warmth I know is true.

Rolling hills of copper and crimson,
Golden cliffs overlook the sea.
A wooden bridge cross the open ocean,
Purple flower in a poppy field.

A bright forest further I can see,
Lying across the dark open field.
Past the stone cottage, a storm is brewing,
In the eye of the storm I will be healed.

Sweet sleep creeping across my vision,
Cover my eyes and take me away.
Though where the dream starts and,
Where the world ends I can’t say.

Swirling rapids on a mellow rock,
Gleaming sunlight shining through,
Purple flower amidst the falls,
Bring me warmth I know is true.

I’m Not Here

It’s so unreal,
Looking down at you, from up here.
I can’t explain, there’s no pain,
I’m sorry, I had to leave you this way.
It’s not clear, in your eyes,
Why I’m not here.
I never was.
Can you remember,
When you were young?
You’d look at the sun,
The world opened before you.
Those paths have gone away,
Melted by the lies, the sun’s rays.
The only warmth I’ve ever felt,
Came from a million miles away.
And there it can stay,
Away from my eyes, are you really surprised,
I’m not here?
I never was.
Look up at the sky,
See the stars, shine on your face,
Each one held, right in its place,
Gone, for millions of years,
No one shed any tears.
Can you see me up there?
Burned out so young, where have I gone?
I’m not here.
I never was.