Monthly Archives: September 2015

The Apathist’s Defense

Like a galley meandering down a tired stream,
While this verdant corridor glistens with a golden gleam.
Myself, with my eyes turned to nought but the ground,
Follow well-trodden paths without making a sound.

In a castle where lodges a legion of loons,
No windows will show how the grass turned to dunes.
So sheltered away behind comfortable lies,
No true word remembered while passing our eyes.

They dance in the forests; they’re locked behind trees,
And we tear down the doors because we’ve lost the keys.
Now I hear them laughing, for never they dream,
That the world should one day be torn out at the seams.

In prisons of steel which we chose by design,
Hearts withhold thoughts that we’ll never divine.
Cover my ears; I’ll let you choose the sound,
Anything beats this damn noise all around.

These eyes that are watching, now what do they see?
I never once thought they were looking for me.
If you say that they’re gone, no I won’t shed a tear,
Building up walls ‘til the end of my years.

As milky clouds melt into cool azure skies,
Leaving us now with a soft kiss goodbye.
Trapped within minds, now a treacherous haze,
Will cover the sun, confuse night with the day.

Not a thought could I spare, we were moving ahead,
Inexorably pushing towards that which we dread.
Now they’ve all gone away, where does the fault lie?
Well don’t look at me; I’m just another guy.

Like a galley meanders down a tired stream,
Pulled by the currents and pushed by the breeze.
All around they did dance, all the time that we missed,
For now let this stream bring me to the abyss.


I looked to call but never heard,
Her laughter towards a sorry form.
So hungry now I ate my words,
And walked beyond a silent storm.
Now still desired I to warm,
A cold and avaricious heart.
But lacking all ways to inform,
Here I stand, if ever to start?
But with me now, my sullen art,
So off to craft another soul.
Whose beauty words cannot impart,
Eyes of silver patterned with gold.
When the land of dreams meets the light of day,
You are with me then ‘fore you pass away.

First Into Heaven

First into Heaven, rush through the pearly gates,
You can’t hear me, I can’t see you,
No more time to wait.
First into Heaven, fly past the sunlit stairs,
I won’t lose you, you won’t lose me,
There’s too much time to care.

First into Eden, clipping the crimson rose,
Thorns and sorrow, leave for tomorrow,
Lost here in the glow.
First into Eden, garden without the rain,
Come tomorrow, there’ll be no sorrow,
If you’re coming back again.

Lost in the heavens, forgetting the earth below,
Don’t you see that what we’re feeling,
Only we can know.
Lost in the heavens, drift through the empty clouds,
What’s that you say? You’re leaving today,
No I don’t think that’s allowed.

Back in the garden, barren without the rain,
The trees are dying, I’m not crying,
I have no tears for pain.
Back in the garden, why did they close the gates?
You look so blue now, your lips don’t move now,
Don’t tell me it’s too late.