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To Dance in Darker Dreams

Lay me down, my love, in shadows to dance in darker dreams,
Life’s sweet and twisted reprieve, no protest from above.
Sinking with death’s soft herald, I heard her close the door,
Into the aether now, to drink with devils ‘til the morning comes once more.

Songs of primordial bliss, when Helios first kissed the milky dawn,
Days when we knew no wrong, all beautiful dissonance missed.
A blessed stasis, but our souls grew restless still,
In ignorant light, we pined for the bite of a dark gray winter’s chill.

Storm-gray fountain rains, acidic in the lurid glow,
Turning to broken shadows, at the threshold of hope insane.
Trapped in this sickly tar, these wings now never to fly away,
The colors drop, flap in futile madness as shadows fall today.

Sink into rancid seas, to wash this mask right off my face,
Borne from a blessed place, carried on the sallow breeze.
Dive beneath fickle waves, and bathe with filth to wash away,
For beauty lies, it lives and dies; still children awaken today.

Lost in a deathless wood, where shadows come to pass the time,
And search for exits to never find, and if we only could.
What lies in between the light, and blackness, the crushing dark of night?
Come find us there, who have defiled the garden, brought colors to the white.

Perverse and twisted wind comes screaming through an icy vale,
Over the banshee’s gale, far away the angels sing.
Still mocking those who fell, like songbirds we weep in snow,
Crying out for penance, with voices mute, dream for fires of love unknown.

Awake into darkened morn, still turning to reach a lustrous dawn,
The night seems to last so long, in sleepless shadows worn.
As dreams they wither and melt ‘neath the relentless, destructive sun,
Still the struggle goes on, between light and darkness where only the shadows won.

Come Dream With Me

For years I searched, for years I poured,
Over words t’were spoken and forgotten once more.
I knew all there was in this room and more,
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Did you ever look? Did you ever find?
A way out from the trappings of my mind.
I never checked if it was a locked door,
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Running in circles, only so much space,
Exists inside an endless maze.
Where the walls are barely a foot off the floor,
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

I am the resurrection, you are the light,
But we can’t find each other in this tepid night.
So against the darkness I declare war,
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

How many people have ever changed?
How many minds have been rearranged?
Someday you might find we’ve always been poor,
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Come dream with me, we’ll never die,
Dancing under the blood red sky.
Some people believe in the ways of The Lord,
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

It doesn’t matter what I believe,
It doesn’t matter what you believe.
The key is yours, the key is mine,
Never have I seen one more divine.
In the mirror I laugh, in the mirror you cry,
Come dream with me, we’ll never die.

So where were you when I fought the sky?
And pulled him down to look in his eye.
To see that he wasn’t much different than me,
Don’t ask what to do or where to go, but see,
The door is there, you still have the key,
Now stop the world, and set me free.

Come dream with me, we’ll never die,
But don’t you ever ask me why.
I’ll show you when we’re out the door,
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Only a Dream

     I was laying alone in a wide open ocean. I felt a warm breeze roll across my naked body, the waves lapping gently on my shoulders. I knew not how I came to be in this place. I lifted my head, and gazed out on the sun, breaking through the cloud line on the horizon. Bathed in the warm hues, I could not tell whether the sun was rising or falling. I turned to roll over, but found my body seemed to be locked in place. Though I should perhaps have felt a tinge of panic at this, it seemed to matter not. I felt the breeze was calling my name, though it seemed muffled for some reason. Through all this I know not how long I lay there floating. Time seemed to dilate, seconds turning into minutes, minutes to hours. After what seemed like days, I looked up to find the sun had not even changed position. It lingered still, ever rising or setting on our lives.
     Eventually I came to realize that I was no longer in the water. Though my body still slept amongst the waves, my being had somehow risen into a new, ethereal place, looking down on the crystal ocean from the hazy air above. And then I realized I was not alone. As far as I could see from this new vantage point lay reflections, shimmering in the sunlight. When they came into focus, I saw that these reflections were people, who seemed strangely familiar to me. I saw some who appeared to be flying away, away from the earth and towards the stars, pilgrims and warriors alike. The colorful nebulas enveloped them, the sun painting rainbows on the water. Others sat in front of computers, programming the lives of machines who sought either to save the world or destroy it; the line was very faint. Far off in the distance I could hear music, softly strummed on the wind, and the waves were the harmonics echoing off. Now too I felt there was a voice, a voice soft but not sad singing along with the wind and water, but again it seemed as though it came from across a valley, echoing up the mountains, the words unclear. Thousands more of these specters called the water their home, and I pondered over every one of them, their identity and purpose on the tip of my tongue, until suddenly the wind began to howl, the waves swirled ever more rapidly, and dark clouds rolled over the sun, blotting out the light and leaving me blind.
     Then I was back in the water. A warm breeze swept across my body, the waves rippling past my shoulders. I looked up and saw the sun in its entirety, for the clouds had all been blown away, rising ever higher into the aqua sky. I hoped to stay there forever.
     And then I opened my eyes. Sunlight gleamed through the window. Feet slipped onto the ground, and made their way through the day. But my thoughts dwelled always where the day began. Still I saw the shadowy forms throughout my waking hours, shapes and colors flowing past, near and yet more foreign than can be imagined. The voices bouncing off my ears, drumming a beat so very different from my own. People playing for money and for power, for fame and for infamy, for life and for death. These hollow specters try to fill their emptiness with their earthly charades. But I know better than to listen for a song that cannot be heard. Dust returns to dust. And now, I long to be back in my mind, the only thing that is mine, though it was only a dream.

Lights on the Ground

Blessed be the ancients who looked up to the stars,
And dreamed a dream of tranquility away from earthly bars.
If only they could see us now, their heads would fall down in shame,
We tore the earth down, burned it up, and then asked who to blame?
Now I can’t see the stars for all the lights here on the ground,
I want to burn them up, and tear them down.

Listen, listen carefully to the dreams of my soul,
Rise and fall like the tide, never knowing where to go.
When you’re young you have no wisdom, and when you’re old you have no voice,
I can’t hear you calling me, but I swear, it’s not my choice.
And I can’t see the stars for all the lights here on the ground,
I want to burn them up, and tear them down.

Love is not an action; love is an idea,
Forgotten by so many minds whose wounds it is meant to heal.
Each step we took towards being free, only left us more enchained,
And you don’t have to look that far to see how much we’ve changed.
Now we can’t see the stars for all the lights here on the ground,
I want to burn them up, and tear them down.

Castles of Rain

Tell me, tell me, while the sun lies low,
Across the empty fields, where it once did glow,
What happened to the orchards and the summer’s green?
There was a beauty there that could never be seen.

I felt it as the rain came down the mountainside,
With a warm breeze, I used to close my eyes,
And that gentle wind would carry me away,
To deep blue skies and warm mellow days.

And now we’re kept apart, but we don’t know why,
Why do they even try?
Though we each live in castles of rain,
Together we can reach a palace in the sun.

Listen child, there across the bay,
Where the sun is setting on another day.
And the moon is rising on the open sea,
Do you remember when we used to be so free?

In the warming water, dancing in the soft light,
Waves breaking gently, in the delicate moonlight.
And the last rays of the sapphire sun,
Colored the ocean until the day was done.

And now we’re kept apart, but we don’t know why,
Why do they even try?
Though we each live in castles of rain,
Together we can reach a palace in the sun.

Nuclear Dreams

Nuclear dreams, explode across my mind, are we out of time?
Children screaming, mothers weeping, at the end of the line.

The broken doorways, no more homes for the weary,
In the barren wasteland dreary, and there’s
No more tomorrow, for the dreams I was chasing,
Guess my time, all was wasted on a dream.

I watched the world, go up in flames, outside my window,
I saw the people, all fade away, where did they go?

I saw the cloud, rising higher in the air,
When the sun, exploded in the
Sky, no time to wonder where to run to,
Where to go, only time to wonder why?

Nuclear dreams, though I try to stay awake, got a feeling I can’t shake.
I’ve heard them say, all things pass away, but I could wait.

But the time was now, though the hour was not yet late,
When the earth began to shake, and now there’s
No more tomorrow, for the dreams I was chasing,
Guess my time, all was wasted on a dream.

Stay with me, oh stay with me, for one last glimpse of harmony.

Don’t Mind Me

The twisted yellow moonlight, shining through the trees,
Is carried on the winter’s breeze, and I’m gasping for air.
Running through the shallow darkness, the snow falling down,
Tries to bury me in the ground, and I don’t even care.

Just leave me here in silent frenzy, run off on your own,
And I’ll meet you back at home, if I can remember where to go.
All the faces in the forest, branches shake and laugh at me,
Red horns and eyes I see, rising up from the earth below.

But don’t mind me, I wasn’t there,
You didn’t see, and I couldn’t care.

Throw me back in jail, where the walls rise ever higher,
And there’s no warmth in the fire, and I can’t hear a sound.
The snow keeps falling all around, they tell me I’ll be out some day,
But what good would it do to pray, if God has just skipped town?

Slipping and sliding away from me, you’ve had your fun,
Now wait up for the purple sun, and dream in patterns of lies.
And over in paranoia corner, I’ll be falling slowly down,
I can’t wait ‘til I hit the ground, and my dream finally dies.

But don’t mind me, I wasn’t there,
You didn’t see, and I couldn’t care

Drew a Picture

You drew a picture there of me,
And that’s plain for all to see.
But why’d you draw me looking down,
With my head hung to the ground.

Is there something you’re trying to say?
You want me to go away,
But I could never, I could never go away,
Not on such a rainy day.

Where have you gone, where did you go?
The things I said, I didn’t know.
Can’t you remember a time before,
All the sadness knocking on our door.

We danced in meadows soft and green,
The prettiest flower ever seen.
The sun beat down, I closed my eyes,
But I always felt you by my side.

I never thought you’d really go
All our plans were made for two.
How can the world still carry on?
How is the sky still blue?

I thought I could forget,
I thought I could erase the pain.
But then I saw you passing by,
The memories all came back again.

I know things could never be the same,
But I’m still willing to try.
Because by your love I live,
And in your pain I die.

I drew a picture here of you,
And that’s me there by your side, too.
We’re looking up into the sky,
Where hopes and dreams are passing by.

Sunset Avenue

Dawn was breaking everywhere when I came into this world anew,
And ever since, the world’s been turning, there was nothing I could do,
And I knew the light could only last so long, before it slowly slipped out of view.
So I went out on the road, not for glory or gold, I only wanted to find the truth.
And ever since I’ve been walking down this Sunset Avenue.

I passed a man with long grey hair and dull, listless eyes,
I saw a thousand stories never told amongst the lies.
And then he’s gone, I had moved on, still further down the road,
To the grave he’ll go, and we’ll never know, all the things he meant to do,
And still I searched for my answers out on Sunset Avenue.

Then I passed by the place where dreams all go to die,
And I quickened my pace, I couldn’t bear to see the faces asking “Why?”
But then I thought I heard a voice, and I thought I heard it calling for me.
Oh can’t you see, I’m still so young and free, don’t try and drag me down with you,
But I knew one day I’d be back out on Sunset Avenue.

I’ve been to the place where children go, when they die before they reach two.
And I stood on the wall, and looked out on them all, not even able to move.
And I heard them crying, all alone, in eternal solitude.
Why oh God why, did they have to die, before they had even reached two?
And here they will wait, for there is no escape from Sunset Avenue.

I saw a thousand mothers crying, with their heads all in their hands,
And some were sitting and some were lying, not even able to stand,
After the years out on the road, searching for their lost sons,
Some taken by knives, and some taken by guns, but there was nothing they could do,
But still they search, no matter how much it hurts, on Sunset Avenue.

Hazel Skies

I remember hazel skies,
And the song borne through all the trees,
On the soft southern breeze.
It came to whisper into my ear,
A sound too faint to hear,
And then it slowly slipped away again.
I don’t know where I’ve been.
I turned to look through the violet lens,
All the straight lines were bends,
And then I slipped off into a dream,
Or at least that’s what it seems.
Feel like I’m living a dream.
Don’t wake me up when I fall back asleep,
The only thing I can keep,
When I’m in my mind,
The only thing that’s mine, don’t mind the time,
It’s only a dream.

I remember chestnut seas,
Where the water would never freeze,
I waded in to my knees.
The salmon sun spelled in the sky,
Words too far from my eye,
And then I saw marshmallows rolling in.
I don’t know where to begin.
Took off my glasses and I peered through the dawn,
All the rights seemed so wrong.
It’s not like when I’m drifting through my dreams,
I know what everything means,
When I’m living a dream.
Don’t wake me up when I fall back asleep,
The only thing I can keep,
When I’m in my mind,
The only thing that’s mine, don’t mind the time,
It’s only a dream.