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Fallen Statues

Anything I’ve thought,
Oh but that woman who held me,
Who cried for me and died for me,
I laughed at her.
And that woman who sang to me,
Whose voice became the birds
And whose feet became the gentle breeze
We all laughed at her.
And then silence tore across the sky,
And the fallen statues held a dream
That the world was not ready to know.
Yes, I saw her. I saw all of her
I saw her for who she was,
And then I laughed while I
Drew chickens on her grave.

Everything I’ve thought,
Isn’t it funny how the moon runs away
From the sun but the sun
Bows to the moon?
Dawn and dusk are but slobbering infants,
Lost and trapped in the middle of
Gods who have no time for their own progeny.
So busy are they who believe in wilting matchsticks
So busy in the name of lords whose power
Has never seen a brisk dusk,
Or a beautiful dawn,
Sometimes I wish I could help them,
Just put my hand out and call for the world to end,
But then I’m too busy laughing while I
Spit on the temples of forgotten gods.

Nothing I’ve thought,
No, but how could you think in reverse?
Talk to me from the end and maybe I’ll
Understand the beginning? Not a chance
Not in ten thousand lifetimes would I care
To know the beginning. We all know the end
Is the same as the beginning. How could
They be different? Delusions of time seen in the most
Ridiculous way, for they think it follows
The same path as the heathen pilgrims
But then who else knew the way to hell?
I’ve been trying to find it my whole life,
But I’d be better off trying to find a tree
In the garden of death. Don’t laugh,
We’ll meet there some cloudy winter’s day.

When Life Just Begins

Crystal grass in flowing water,
Our secluded spot in the forest.
The waterfall slips down the rocks,
And slides into the pool of effervescence,
Where I hold you, and the world, well
That’s what tomorrow is for.

There’s the soft low roll of thunder,
My love, have no fear.
The rain slithers through the trees,
And falls down on the ethereal breeze,
While I hold you, and worrying, well
That’s what tomorrow is for.

Can you feel it? Can you feel it?
Rising from the misty glen.
Green all around, when life just begins.

A chorus of paradise, chirping in the twilight,
Serenading the moon on its slow rise.
The day is fading, but the night is new,
The stars are glowing in a luminous sky,
While I hold you, and love, well
That’s what today is for.

Can you feel it? Can you feel it?
Rising from the misty glen.
Green all around, when life just begins.

By the Crescent Moon

By the crescent moon I wait for my comeuppance but I know,
I cannot live within myself but without I fear to go.
The sentencing was swift and harsh, and no appeal was made,
And time has seen, the memories all begin to fade.

Drowning in my shadow I watch my life roll away,
But the tide of life does not roll back in later in the day.
I thought I knew but then I was always blinded by the light,
And now I lie here, sleeping in an everlasting night.

And though I try, I never can wake,
All my life has seen to take,
Is that which I never can earn back.
You cannot live with a life you lack.
Bring me out of this misery,
Take away my cold apathy.
And let the warmth flow through my blood,
Before I’m swallowed by the flood.

Trapped within the drenching darkness deep within my mind,
Bound only by the chains and bars I’ve put myself behind.
Lost in the shadows, there’s nowhere I can run.
Far away from the warmth brought by the setting sun.

But suddenly I feel a crack,
In the wall and I attack.
Claw my way out from myself,
Turn around into someone else.
Someone else who I can’t see,
And only know because he’s me.
And when you run out from your mind,
You know you’re just as good as blind.