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To Dance in Darker Dreams

Lay me down, my love, in shadows to dance in darker dreams,
Life’s sweet and twisted reprieve, no protest from above.
Sinking with death’s soft herald, I heard her close the door,
Into the aether now, to drink with devils ‘til the morning comes once more.

Songs of primordial bliss, when Helios first kissed the milky dawn,
Days when we knew no wrong, all beautiful dissonance missed.
A blessed stasis, but our souls grew restless still,
In ignorant light, we pined for the bite of a dark gray winter’s chill.

Storm-gray fountain rains, acidic in the lurid glow,
Turning to broken shadows, at the threshold of hope insane.
Trapped in this sickly tar, these wings now never to fly away,
The colors drop, flap in futile madness as shadows fall today.

Sink into rancid seas, to wash this mask right off my face,
Borne from a blessed place, carried on the sallow breeze.
Dive beneath fickle waves, and bathe with filth to wash away,
For beauty lies, it lives and dies; still children awaken today.

Lost in a deathless wood, where shadows come to pass the time,
And search for exits to never find, and if we only could.
What lies in between the light, and blackness, the crushing dark of night?
Come find us there, who have defiled the garden, brought colors to the white.

Perverse and twisted wind comes screaming through an icy vale,
Over the banshee’s gale, far away the angels sing.
Still mocking those who fell, like songbirds we weep in snow,
Crying out for penance, with voices mute, dream for fires of love unknown.

Awake into darkened morn, still turning to reach a lustrous dawn,
The night seems to last so long, in sleepless shadows worn.
As dreams they wither and melt ‘neath the relentless, destructive sun,
Still the struggle goes on, between light and darkness where only the shadows won.


I looked to call but never heard,
Her laughter towards a sorry form.
So hungry now I ate my words,
And walked beyond a silent storm.
Now still desired I to warm,
A cold and avaricious heart.
But lacking all ways to inform,
Here I stand, if ever to start?
But with me now, my sullen art,
So off to craft another soul.
Whose beauty words cannot impart,
Eyes of silver patterned with gold.
When the land of dreams meets the light of day,
You are with me then ‘fore you pass away.

Leave the Stars

You know we’ve been here before, how many times,
Have the stars been bored by two lovers’ eyes?
The same old story, the same old song,
And if they’re right, then it won’t be long.

You know I’ve seen you before, under the lights,
That take the darkness out of the nights.
Just like a picture, on a crowded wall,
Are we to them, ‘til the morning falls.

“Do you remember?” she smiled through unwept tears,
“You said we’d be together through unborn years”.
How many lies are spoken in the name of the night,
And are so quickly forgotten by the morning light?

How many have dreamed on a star before?
Have cast their wishes into a fiery core?
“Our night will be different, like none before”,
Lied a million lovers to a million more.

Let us leave the stars and the night behind,
Let us love in the day, you know that twice the time,
Could never be enough as long as I’m with you,
When the sun is up and the sky is blue.

Nuclear Dreams

Nuclear dreams, explode across my mind, are we out of time?
Children screaming, mothers weeping, at the end of the line.

The broken doorways, no more homes for the weary,
In the barren wasteland dreary, and there’s
No more tomorrow, for the dreams I was chasing,
Guess my time, all was wasted on a dream.

I watched the world, go up in flames, outside my window,
I saw the people, all fade away, where did they go?

I saw the cloud, rising higher in the air,
When the sun, exploded in the
Sky, no time to wonder where to run to,
Where to go, only time to wonder why?

Nuclear dreams, though I try to stay awake, got a feeling I can’t shake.
I’ve heard them say, all things pass away, but I could wait.

But the time was now, though the hour was not yet late,
When the earth began to shake, and now there’s
No more tomorrow, for the dreams I was chasing,
Guess my time, all was wasted on a dream.

Stay with me, oh stay with me, for one last glimpse of harmony.

It’s A Start

It’s so dark, out there, does anyone really care?
That all the world has died, and no one even tried.
And so I’d like to know, where did all the kind people go?
I hear crying on the streets, where all the children bleed.

But even though the world is cold,
And though my time is growing old.
I can still feel and I can fight,
And hold the darkness from the light.

But I can’t do it on my own,
While everyone hides inside their homes.
So come out, come out of your shell,
And find the heaven in this hell.

I know it’s cold, out here,
And sometimes the way isn’t clear.
And sometimes your dreams, they disappoint,
We all wonder, “What’s the point?”

But don’t let the world, tear you apart,
Don’t sell your dreams, or your heart,
It isn’t much, but it’s a start.

Winter came so fast, summer wouldn’t last,
But don’t worry, stay deprived, of the world that’s right outside.
They’re starving in the gutters, crying for their mothers,
Your warmth will come again; their winter never ends.

But it doesn’t have to be this way,
There is some light in every day.
And if that doesn’t matter to you,
Then you have nothing more to lose.

Everyone else, come gather round,
And nobody speak, don’t make a sound.
We’ve all known pain, we all know loss,
Everyone’s felt the cost.

Now don’t run away, and don’t hide.
Don’t keep your heart, locked inside.
Cause no matter what your life has been,
You can always love again.

But don’t let the world, tear you apart,
Don’t sell your dreams, or your heart,
It isn’t much, but it’s a start.