Monthly Archives: August 2014

Personal Update #3

As I’m sure all you diligent reader-folk out there will notice, I’ve overhauled this here brand. Registered the domain, changed a number of titles, and created a Twitter to post even more words of wisdom. I am aware my posting is quite irregular. I’d like to think that will change this fall, but I wouldn’t put any bets on it.

Speaking of this fall, that will be when my first semester of college begins. In nary three weeks, I shall be moving into my dorm in Manhattan, the center of the world. My hope is this shall inspire me to write further, as small-town suburbia isn’t that great for things that aren’t alienation. As to my studies, tentatively psychology and/or computer science. Neither of those are my true dream, but we’ll see what happens.

At this time I would just like to thank anyone who is following, and especially those who have come back to view new content. It does my poor little heart good. I have a lot to say, and I want people to hear it. As much as I have been held back by a variety of fun mental ailments, every person who reads one of my essays or poems is one more person who I hope was made, if nothing else, to stop and think.

Get stuffed!