Monthly Archives: October 2015

Lost Sunbeams

Oh but to loosen such vibrant flows,
As locked in chains, wind only dreams
To caress such silk where Eden grows,
And awestruck follows golden gleams.

Paradise slinking near behind,
Envious sorrows for never seen
Is beauty kept in chains divine,
That would bring light to shadowed scenes.

So release your bright, melodious song,
And let it fall upon the earth,
As angels who shall never belong,
But come to save and prove their worth.

Like travelers in an alien land,
Who long for one last taste of home,
But trapped in barren fields of sand,
Return from memories, again unknown.

To keep imprisoned beauties bold,
And bury deep within the bliss
From men who’d spit on Madonna’s throne,
Myself, I weep for what we’ve missed.

To dedicate myself, in perfect chaste
And thoughtless guard, and never sleep.
What perfection lies within our race,
Still locked in chains we cannot keep.

So fly now free from mortal bounds,
And join your kin, the lost sunbeams,
But forget you not such mortal grounds,
That could never hold lustrous dreams.