Monthly Archives: November 2014

Come Dream With Me

For years I searched, for years I poured,
Over words t’were spoken and forgotten once more.
I knew all there was in this room and more,
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Did you ever look? Did you ever find?
A way out from the trappings of my mind.
I never checked if it was a locked door,
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Running in circles, only so much space,
Exists inside an endless maze.
Where the walls are barely a foot off the floor,
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

I am the resurrection, you are the light,
But we can’t find each other in this tepid night.
So against the darkness I declare war,
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

How many people have ever changed?
How many minds have been rearranged?
Someday you might find we’ve always been poor,
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Come dream with me, we’ll never die,
Dancing under the blood red sky.
Some people believe in the ways of The Lord,
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

It doesn’t matter what I believe,
It doesn’t matter what you believe.
The key is yours, the key is mine,
Never have I seen one more divine.
In the mirror I laugh, in the mirror you cry,
Come dream with me, we’ll never die.

So where were you when I fought the sky?
And pulled him down to look in his eye.
To see that he wasn’t much different than me,
Don’t ask what to do or where to go, but see,
The door is there, you still have the key,
Now stop the world, and set me free.

Come dream with me, we’ll never die,
But don’t you ever ask me why.
I’ll show you when we’re out the door,
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Melt Into You

Sometimes I think chaos is all I can see,
A swirling madness that comes to envelop me.
When shadows crawl and die under the unforgiving noon,
I just want to melt here with you, melt into you.

The soft tides of lunacy, oh but the moon,
Smiles down from dark skies not a minute too soon.
In these vistas of glory that kiss me while I kiss you,
I just want to melt here with you, melt into you.

These feelings cast up from unborn seas,
That snake around me just like a cool winter’s breeze.
With the colors now drawn in China blue,
I want to melt here with you, melt into you.

But lost, as it were, in fields of confusion,
That ensnare the mind always in chains of delusion.
I’m standing right here, and I’ll always be true,
If you’ll come stand with me while I melt into you.

Like crossing an ocean, the uncharted seas,
And the boat answers only the whims of the breeze.
Well I know you’re scared, because I am too,
When all that I want is to melt into you.

How many words have been spoken, used for nothing but lies,
Deceit that has broken the life in our eyes.
Now I ask you to trust me, to start life anew,
To hold me so I could just melt here with you.

So many tears shed in hopeless devotion,
Don’t you see, we’re all trapped in a circular motion.
But step out of the ring and the birds sing in tune,
The songs that I hear while I melt into you.

But time, that cruel and unmovable master,
Whose hands I now wish I could turn ever faster.
And race towards the day when we’ll both be in tune,
And you melt into me while I melt into you.

The Veil of Love

Swimming through the kaleidoscope, drenched in sweeping colors,
Painting portraits in the rhythm of a heart beating alone.
Laughing in the golden glories, swimming in the green oases,
Speaking in the shades of a heart searching for home.

Listening to the silent music, playing deep in night,
Crashing down like barren waves on cold and empty shores.
Twisting, turning, tailing off, in the bleeding purple sky,
Pounding heads looking up from the hollow sea floors.

Breaking through the heavy clouds, fractal lights torch the earth,
Burning through the pallid daydreams in a thousand hues.
Climbing up the ladder, while the sun plays on the water,
Falling sadly ‘til tomorrow when the day is born anew.

Swirling through the heavenly stars, spinning past the moonbeams,
Racing ever faster towards the looming black hole at the end.
Removing the veil of unsung love, the hazy mellow comfort,
Dressing up the raging whirlwind, using gold-plating to mend.

And suddenly the day doesn’t seem so bright,
In fact I think it’s night.