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Melt Into You

Sometimes I think chaos is all I can see,
A swirling madness that comes to envelop me.
When shadows crawl and die under the unforgiving noon,
I just want to melt here with you, melt into you.

The soft tides of lunacy, oh but the moon,
Smiles down from dark skies not a minute too soon.
In these vistas of glory that kiss me while I kiss you,
I just want to melt here with you, melt into you.

These feelings cast up from unborn seas,
That snake around me just like a cool winter’s breeze.
With the colors now drawn in China blue,
I want to melt here with you, melt into you.

But lost, as it were, in fields of confusion,
That ensnare the mind always in chains of delusion.
I’m standing right here, and I’ll always be true,
If you’ll come stand with me while I melt into you.

Like crossing an ocean, the uncharted seas,
And the boat answers only the whims of the breeze.
Well I know you’re scared, because I am too,
When all that I want is to melt into you.

How many words have been spoken, used for nothing but lies,
Deceit that has broken the life in our eyes.
Now I ask you to trust me, to start life anew,
To hold me so I could just melt here with you.

So many tears shed in hopeless devotion,
Don’t you see, we’re all trapped in a circular motion.
But step out of the ring and the birds sing in tune,
The songs that I hear while I melt into you.

But time, that cruel and unmovable master,
Whose hands I now wish I could turn ever faster.
And race towards the day when we’ll both be in tune,
And you melt into me while I melt into you.

The Mad Carnival

Trapped in this mad carnival,
This asylum of children where
Nothing has more meaning than
An empty sidewalk, or lilting
Raindrops on a barren windowsill.
Everything I’ve known, unseen
By other eyes that hold only
Frozen comfort.

In this land of copper carpets
And lurid lights.
This paradise of the body
Where no mind can breathe,
No heart can beat slowly
Where bands of rain play for
Deserted parking lots,
I am home.

No I can’t sell out, I
Never bought in.
When money is the currency of the heart,
And millions dance in pointed circles.
Where the land of dreams meets
The devouring sea.
Where the skies of hope touch
The waters of fire,
The colors of death.

The young mare, untainted by
Any stallions hand.
Runs off in search of
Mechanical mountains and is
Lost in the digital seas.
Where the dark is lost to
The light, there are no
Stars to wish upon.

Where time is lost to
Forgotten memories.
When the nightmare hour kisses
The hopeful dawn.
What madness should love,
A life with no soul.
Who dances in fire
Is always cold.

My languid body, my broken mind
If you could put me back together
I don’t think you would.
All signals are lost in this
Muted haze.
The graying smoke rings
Float away.
While the cracks in the sky
Bleed my body.

Leaves that lie, that pawn off
Freedom like a sick dog.
Where bridges lead only
One way, and streetlights
Plead for the bright of day.
When the hollow spirit is
Filled with poison,
I sleep under molten skies.

The tongue is tied, the words
Are clear but the body revolts
Against an honest rhyme.
A life that begs for air to breathe,
But fed only numbing tales
Of freedom to rise, to live for
Myself, if only I could be
Who was meant to be.

You cannot see, in crowds of hulks,
Where I’ve never known one
Person I’ve met.
Where hulking desire meets the
Shallow mind.
When nothing exists only in me,
When feeling has left when
Passion has died,
I am home.

Where does this winding path,
This final penance that was
Thrust upon me.
Where now does it cry
Where now does it languish
Where silent night comes
Only in deafness, and the
Mute laugh at empty words.

How does the world that dances
In rushing darkness,
How does the world that breathes
In crushing blackness.
How does the world that swims
In porous oceans.
How does the mantle not
Pass to me.

I’ve known every color, I’ve
Felt every shade.
In this mad carnival,
Where the masks never come off.
Where the mirrors reflect
No more than they see.
Where the absence of life
Makes me feel alive
I am home.

Out Into the Blue

In madness, the warped mind twists and snakes upwards towards the light,
Yet remains forevermore in a dark and sickly night.
There I was, though with a memory that knew not where to start,
In this forest, black and ominous, that keeps you and I apart.
Running through the smothering haze of murky, poisoned fumes,
Where the trees cover a pallid sky and the end always looms,
I heard the voices shouting screaming cursing me for I,
I never knew the warmth that rested in a lover’s eye.
And though my dreams had offered once a chance I would be saved,
Now I felt my dreams would only haunt me to the grave.
All I’ve ever wanted is to run out into the blue,
And laugh and sing with all the rest but most of all see you.
See you and give you what the world could never give to me,
To love and dance and shine for everyone we’d ever see.
But I can’t seem to run away, this forest holds me close,
That sickly sweet and slithering comfort for which I am the host.
There’s something reassuring when you cannot run away,
The knowledge that tomorrow is no different than today.
But still I wonder, still I wonder, if there was a way,
Would I take the leap of faith or like all else just pass away?

It seemed like years I had been stumbling around here in the dark,
In this forest, in this prison ship I could never disembark.
When suddenly my eyesight left me, no it was just light,
Light that blinded me; I had forgotten day could follow night.
Behind me rose the towering trees, sentinels of the dusk,
But before me lay a sight I didn’t believe that I could trust.
A river, soft and mellow, meandering quietly through the day,
And far across the turquoise water, I saw the angels lay.
I was enveloped with a wonder known only to children’s minds,
By what miracle had I been brought here, only of my kind.
As I was watching ancestral spirits praying to the dawn,
A voice that seemed to come from me began to sing a song.
I heard of riches imagination would never dare to dream,
And lands where all the peoples would bow down just to me.
Then another voice said “It’s a lie” and doubt began to creep,
Inside my mind like nightmares do when children try to sleep.
Perhaps it was too good to be true, would all this wealth and power,
Really bring me happiness during my final hour?
So there I lay, a battlefield of cold lust and self-doubt,
Beside this river whose turquoise water seemed the only offer out.

But lo, what sound could wake me from this troubled reverie?
A new voice and a new song now were drifting on the breeze.
I couldn’t place the origin nor could I hear the words,
But there was something in the tune that I had never before heard.
It held a warmth and kindness, enough to soothe a troubled soul,
It didn’t need cold logic and it didn’t demand control.
Nor too were doubt and mistrust tones that echoed through my brain,
Those hallmarks of the mind which has embraced the insane.
Instead there was a nakedness and honesty inside,
The song which never claimed to have anything to hide.
Soon the river’s waters began to ripple and then she came,
Sailing in a boat with room for two, and one spot still remained.
I felt my heart begin to race, “Was this the chance I sought?
Salvation from the loneliness that clouds my every thought?”
The other voices began to sense a changing deep inside,
And soon they tried to warn me of the dangers of the ride.
“That boat will bring you nowhere, if you think that you’re trapped now,
Just imagine how hard life will be with no friends but the clouds.”
But the deceit could not be hidden from their poisonous words,
While in your song the purity of love was all I heard.

The boat pulled up along the shore, you beckoned me aboard,
That face that held a beauty I had so long adored.
Maybe all the doubts are true, but for what I desire most,
If in some universe there is a chance, I stepped off of the coast.
Into the boat and silence was the only sound I heard,
The voices that had plagued me had vanished without a word.
I looked at her, she looked at me, we pushed off from the shore,
With no doubts now that life could change and love last evermore.

The Summer’s Rhyme

In time, melting shadows rearrange upon the wall,
Low light laughing at the simple madness of it all.
With seconds counting paradise, for always bound to fall,
Is the child crying softly at the madness of it all.
Plug my ears and tie me up but still the sirens’ call,
Brings me back with voices singing of the madness of it all.

I cannot shake the feeling that I have been here before,
How many times have I been knocking on the same red door?
Sometimes I’m on the ceiling and sometimes I’m on the floor,
Doesn’t matter when the only exit is the same red door.
He doesn’t care how much I ask or how much I implore,
The only answer I will find’s behind the same red door.

Am I a man or am I just a lonely speck of time,
Dancing for the winter’s pleasure, or for the summer’s rhyme?
If time could last forever I don’t think that we would find,
Any respite from the galaxies that write the summer’s rhyme.
Now the end is coming, the beginning very close behind,
And through it all, the only sound, the foolish summer’s rhyme.

Chasing the Apocalypse

Twisting yellow madness shrouding,
Pale lit sky so far ahead.
But I can taste it, I can taste it,
Buried with my mother’s bed.

Paradise lost when heaven’s found,
And heaven’s nothing I haven’t seen.
Like a friend passed in the shallow darkness,
Known once in a sallow dream.

There is no end, there’s no beginning,
Chasing the apocalypse.

Reality colored only in dreams,
From a palette of faded white and gold.
I’m nothing I haven’t been already,
Nothing when I’m not lost and cold.

Burning light in a blackened sky,
Stepping quietly out the door.
I saw death but it was only nothing,
Nothing I haven’t known before.

There is no end, there’s no beginning,
Chasing the apocalypse.