Spiraling Ever Upwards

Spiraling ever upwards to the starry, dreamy sky,
I look ahead while wondering what I have left behind.
The waves upon the world seem to vanish in the breeze,
That comes upon their faces like a bird that’s flying free.

High upon the purple mountains wait until you know,
You’ve reached the top but down is not the only place to go.
Step back and catch a breath of the perfume in the air,
That rises from the pines and surrounds you everywhere.

Take a step and careful or you’ll fall into your mind,
And what’s within is sometimes better left unto the blind.
The hazel trees are rustling in the winds up from the sea,
Dive under and gaze upon the world that’s meant to be.

Turn around and find it isn’t you that’s left behind,
Another man whose face seems ever more obscured left your mind.
With the birds and bees offer up a fond and true farewell,
In the days to come wait only for the sounding of the knell.

The silver crystals dancing cross the sky for you and me,
As the ruby turns away upon a different company.
The reflection of our lives rises higher with the breeze,
And is blown away as finally we find what it is to be free.

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