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Tastes Like Heaven

The waves crash and crash and crash,
Upon my lips, and your sweet brine,
It tastes like heaven, tastes divine,
Oh my.

I’ll travel across every peak and valley,
And trace a map with my fingers.
Find the X and find the treasure,
And maybe for a while linger.
While I dig deeper and deeper,
The dream of every pirate king,
I don’t need gold, I don’t need diamonds,
I’m already drowning in everything.

The waves crash and crash and crash,
Upon my lips, and your sweet brine,
It tastes like heaven, tastes divine,
Oh my.

Just as long as we’re together,
We will never need protection,
Well our love is our shield,
And death is just rejection.
But we’ll never, never die,
I’ll climb on you, you climb on me.
And we will scale the mountain high.
And climb further than we believe,

Out past the stars and sun,
Far away from solid ground,
Where the waves are wet and roiling,
And I’ve just started going down.

The waves crash and crash and crash,
Upon my lips, and your sweet brine,
It tastes like heaven, tastes divine,
Oh my.

Scars of Worth

The scars you carry on your skin
Bely the pain held deep within,
While lashing out in moments mad,
You cut yourself because of dad,
But this was not your sin.

His shadow lurking in your brain,
Each day another cut of pain
You wanted just to disappear
Away from all the hurt and fear,
But you were not to blame.

I gazed into your azure eyes,
The girl who says she never cries.
I laid my hands across your chest,
Tonight we both will soundly rest,
And dream of the sunrise.

I saw your scars, I think we share
A pain that others could not bear,
Though I don’t have the marks to show
It’s only cause I didn’t know
That anyone would care.

A dream I had that became real,
A way I never thought I’d feel:
That I belonged with anyone
Or anything under the sun,
But now my heart can heal.

The scars you have, perhaps they’ll last,
Reminders of a solemn past.
To me they show a strength of mind,
To suffer – still – to stay alive
Is beauty unsurpassed.

Out from the darkness of our birth,
We stumble cross this holy earth,
So long I thought I’d naught to give,
But you showed me why I should live;
In your eyes I have worth.

The Precipice of Ecstasy

A nebulous cloud, breaking new ground
In the shattered spectrum of the jungle,
The cacophonous blues and alluring greens,
Weaving their wild, passionate melodies
Across the speckled pupils
Who begin to feel the strength of the sea,
Until, breaking beneath the waves,
My icy eyes begin to melt.

And sinking down, irresistibly cleansed,
The sapphire breaths and ruby roars
Come bursting cross the rolling hills,
The crescent peaks and verdant valleys,
The snow-capped mountains, ready to
Blow with the fount of life,
Their gentle peaks but waiting
For some warm breath to melt their snow.

The incessant hum of the forest in bloom:
Cawing mewling screeching howling;
Then breaking before the lightning’s hymn,
The rolling thunder low and deep
Comes crashing down at the crest of noon,
And the forest in awe, ashamed to look
At the roiling boiling swelling air
Where electricity crackles with the birth of life.

The snow-capped colossus, its majesty
Ever emanating, as aloof as a king yet
Undaunted by the foolish wind dancing around,
Crafting melodies in the living air,
Echoing through the hollows and crevices,
Before rising to pierce past the bronze horizon,
Hovering, like a dam about to burst,
Hanging on at the precipice of ecstasy.

Words are ever thrown off that mighty cliff,
Or perhaps just sounds, the vocalization
Of the essence of man as it writhes,
Striving upwards to penetrate the heavenly auroras –
The endless supernovae – and the blinding light
At the end of black holes where traveling,
I was ever torn and twisted until I was
At last spat back out into your arms.

The Real Girl

So how can I express them true,
My feelings with respect for you?
No ideal form you wish to be,
Though that is what you are to me;
I don’t know how I can express
Myself and somehow pass the test;
You’ve set yourself low to the ground
But heaven’s raptures still surround
My vision when I look at you;
I’d better be if I were through
With cursèd art that makes my mind
Envision always the divine;
Help me – please – to start anew,
To see you as you wish me to.

The Prince Female and the Pigeon King

She was a convent schoolgirl / He smoked as he walked,
They shared a yellow room where nobody talked.
It makes less noise putting them on speaker;
They’re so loud when they think nobody can hear them.

Talking about their bodies, the Prince Female mooned
Over him, her tires squealing like a piglet.
Stroking his beard, he dreamed of solitude
In the novels of the romantics.

But she, in a trance of neediness, with
Full throbbing sexual desire, could no
Longer afford the warm, acidified silence;
He would know the spell cast by women.

She wrapped her tentacles around him,
Like a black and white monster in uniform,
Collecting evidence of his desire while
His mind was drifting out to sea.

Her longing was forged with molten swords,
His lavender heart the heart of her problem,
His language of criticism crumbling before her
Like the bridges of California.

Together they roiled like the swirling seas,
Hiding their egos under the bed as the
Long white strips of her vision overwhelmed her,
Like being trampled under the wheel of an oxcart.

At last, sucking in his gut, the Pigeon King
Surveyed the convent schoolgirl, the
Prince Female; then he bawled for twenty minutes,
Before boarding a smuggler’s raft:

Playing the saxophone and shoplifting
Books and luxurious food.


I looked to call but never heard,
Her laughter towards a sorry form.
So hungry now I ate my words,
And walked beyond a silent storm.
Now still desired I to warm,
A cold and avaricious heart.
But lacking all ways to inform,
Here I stand, if ever to start?
But with me now, my sullen art,
So off to craft another soul.
Whose beauty words cannot impart,
Eyes of silver patterned with gold.
When the land of dreams meets the light of day,
You are with me then ‘fore you pass away.

Leave the Stars

You know we’ve been here before, how many times,
Have the stars been bored by two lovers’ eyes?
The same old story, the same old song,
And if they’re right, then it won’t be long.

You know I’ve seen you before, under the lights,
That take the darkness out of the nights.
Just like a picture, on a crowded wall,
Are we to them, ‘til the morning falls.

“Do you remember?” she smiled through unwept tears,
“You said we’d be together through unborn years”.
How many lies are spoken in the name of the night,
And are so quickly forgotten by the morning light?

How many have dreamed on a star before?
Have cast their wishes into a fiery core?
“Our night will be different, like none before”,
Lied a million lovers to a million more.

Let us leave the stars and the night behind,
Let us love in the day, you know that twice the time,
Could never be enough as long as I’m with you,
When the sun is up and the sky is blue.

Where the Stars Have Fallen

Desperate now, in the valley lie,
So many stars have fallen from the empty sky.
They called my name as they quickly died,
“Here are your dreams, watch them pass you by”.

In the valley now, the black holes that peer,
Straight through my soul, well isn’t it clear?
When my destiny lies past the fallen skies,
Never shall I reappear.

Eyes that gaze like corpses stare,
I’ll try to pretend that there’s something there.
But only with you am I ever alone,
With your plasticine hair and your rings made of foam.

No I do not think that there’s much you can say,
It’s probably best that you just go away.
In the valley I’ll lie, and with broken dreams share,
The last days of sun before life becomes rare.

Empty now, in the forest cry,
So many leaves have fallen through the empty sky.
Trees that have whispered through the frozen air,
And only I hear because only I care.

So alone I’ll laugh and alone I’ll cry,
Alone I’ll dance and alone I’ll die.
And the dreams that I knew were nothing more,
Than the broken lock on a barren door.

The eyes of truth, the words cannot hide,
The icy silence that lies deep inside.
Only with you do I ever know pain,
Only with you have I ever felt rain.

Don’t you come back, that time has now passed,
And I more than anyone wished it would last.
But there’s no use in spilling more meaningless tears,
Where the stars have fallen I will live out my years.

Melt Into You

Sometimes I think chaos is all I can see,
A swirling madness that comes to envelop me.
When shadows crawl and die under the unforgiving noon,
I just want to melt here with you, melt into you.

The soft tides of lunacy, oh but the moon,
Smiles down from dark skies not a minute too soon.
In these vistas of glory that kiss me while I kiss you,
I just want to melt here with you, melt into you.

These feelings cast up from unborn seas,
That snake around me just like a cool winter’s breeze.
With the colors now drawn in China blue,
I want to melt here with you, melt into you.

But lost, as it were, in fields of confusion,
That ensnare the mind always in chains of delusion.
I’m standing right here, and I’ll always be true,
If you’ll come stand with me while I melt into you.

Like crossing an ocean, the uncharted seas,
And the boat answers only the whims of the breeze.
Well I know you’re scared, because I am too,
When all that I want is to melt into you.

How many words have been spoken, used for nothing but lies,
Deceit that has broken the life in our eyes.
Now I ask you to trust me, to start life anew,
To hold me so I could just melt here with you.

So many tears shed in hopeless devotion,
Don’t you see, we’re all trapped in a circular motion.
But step out of the ring and the birds sing in tune,
The songs that I hear while I melt into you.

But time, that cruel and unmovable master,
Whose hands I now wish I could turn ever faster.
And race towards the day when we’ll both be in tune,
And you melt into me while I melt into you.

The Veil of Love

Swimming through the kaleidoscope, drenched in sweeping colors,
Painting portraits in the rhythm of a heart beating alone.
Laughing in the golden glories, swimming in the green oases,
Speaking in the shades of a heart searching for home.

Listening to the silent music, playing deep in night,
Crashing down like barren waves on cold and empty shores.
Twisting, turning, tailing off, in the bleeding purple sky,
Pounding heads looking up from the hollow sea floors.

Breaking through the heavy clouds, fractal lights torch the earth,
Burning through the pallid daydreams in a thousand hues.
Climbing up the ladder, while the sun plays on the water,
Falling sadly ‘til tomorrow when the day is born anew.

Swirling through the heavenly stars, spinning past the moonbeams,
Racing ever faster towards the looming black hole at the end.
Removing the veil of unsung love, the hazy mellow comfort,
Dressing up the raging whirlwind, using gold-plating to mend.

And suddenly the day doesn’t seem so bright,
In fact I think it’s night.