Monthly Archives: May 2016

Turning to Diamond

I am not naked, I just put myself out, in places you never go,
And you must be crazy, or maybe just lazy, for wanting to never know.
I heard these words calling, then they started falling, and I just couldn’t move,
Now the ice on my window, is turning to diamond, I don’t think I’ll ever lose.

The broken-up masses, who pray in the doorway, are looking for their lost friends,
And I hate to tell them, but I haven’t seen them, I don’t think we will again.
In the ice on my window, I search for the lost ones, but I’ll never think to cry,
Out of my window, and out of my life now, but I’ll never say goodbye.

Won’t you come to the party, it’s only us two, but I think we’ll make it fly,
I don’t need entertainment, I’m watching my own feed, blasted into the sky.
And sometimes I forget that, I’ve ever been here, things never look the same,
Why did you do that? You know that I liked it, when things didn’t ever change.

The stars on my ceiling, are burning for funerals, planned out many years ago,
And I keep myself in, perpetual darkness, for fear of the fading glow.
All the icicles outside, I’ll stay in my blankets, there’s nothing I need to see,
Outside my window, they tell me it’s paradise, a place I can never be free.

And you’ll never hear me say,
As time starts to fade away,
I’m dreaming of another day,
I don’t dream much more anyway.