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In So Many Eyes

In so many words,
A man has kissed but not loved,
And thus has died in a psychotic fire.
But if he had not kissed,
Could he ever have loved
Another who loved him
In so many words.

In so many things,
There is life and there is
The realization that death
Is but another insane child
In this quivering universe,
And I guess that’s a little bit funny
In so many things.

In so many seasons,
Snow falls but we don’t
See how lucid we really are.
And if I can’t know
How much I have seen
How can I proffer what I don’t have
In so many seasons.

In so many lives,
Light flickers and dies,
Children laugh and then cry,
Birds fly and then fall
Down in a thermal wind
That carries the heart
In so many lives.

In so many eyes,
The wispy heathens of day,
Watch them run away,
For fear of meeting another,
But if they could only sing,
The music that could be made
In so many eyes.

In so many hearts,
A black tar sucks in the world,
Torn apart by confusion,
And mad lust for flights of
Fancy that offer but a sliver
Of the love that cries
In so many hearts.

I Remember

I remember when love was just an idea,
I remember when it was perfect,
How could it ever be wrong?
In my mind I saw you dancing,
It was the most beautiful sight,
My eyes had ever fallen upon.
I remember you laughing,
And I thought I would be right there with you.
I remember those days,
Those days that I wished would never end,
When hope was everywhere,
I didn’t know any better,
How could I?
We were perfect, you and I,
Why couldn’t you see?
You ran through so much sadness,
You cried and I wished I was there.
You let them hurt you, I trembled,
Why did you let them do it?
I’ve been standing here the whole time,
Waiting for you to see me,
Waiting for you to realize,
What you had always wanted,
Was what I always wanted to give you.
But it was not to be,
The perfection that lay at the end of that road,
Was never achieved.
Like so many other tales that end,
They are not sung, they are not remembered,
But they are as real as you and I.

Out Into the Blue

In madness, the warped mind twists and snakes upwards towards the light,
Yet remains forevermore in a dark and sickly night.
There I was, though with a memory that knew not where to start,
In this forest, black and ominous, that keeps you and I apart.
Running through the smothering haze of murky, poisoned fumes,
Where the trees cover a pallid sky and the end always looms,
I heard the voices shouting screaming cursing me for I,
I never knew the warmth that rested in a lover’s eye.
And though my dreams had offered once a chance I would be saved,
Now I felt my dreams would only haunt me to the grave.
All I’ve ever wanted is to run out into the blue,
And laugh and sing with all the rest but most of all see you.
See you and give you what the world could never give to me,
To love and dance and shine for everyone we’d ever see.
But I can’t seem to run away, this forest holds me close,
That sickly sweet and slithering comfort for which I am the host.
There’s something reassuring when you cannot run away,
The knowledge that tomorrow is no different than today.
But still I wonder, still I wonder, if there was a way,
Would I take the leap of faith or like all else just pass away?

It seemed like years I had been stumbling around here in the dark,
In this forest, in this prison ship I could never disembark.
When suddenly my eyesight left me, no it was just light,
Light that blinded me; I had forgotten day could follow night.
Behind me rose the towering trees, sentinels of the dusk,
But before me lay a sight I didn’t believe that I could trust.
A river, soft and mellow, meandering quietly through the day,
And far across the turquoise water, I saw the angels lay.
I was enveloped with a wonder known only to children’s minds,
By what miracle had I been brought here, only of my kind.
As I was watching ancestral spirits praying to the dawn,
A voice that seemed to come from me began to sing a song.
I heard of riches imagination would never dare to dream,
And lands where all the peoples would bow down just to me.
Then another voice said “It’s a lie” and doubt began to creep,
Inside my mind like nightmares do when children try to sleep.
Perhaps it was too good to be true, would all this wealth and power,
Really bring me happiness during my final hour?
So there I lay, a battlefield of cold lust and self-doubt,
Beside this river whose turquoise water seemed the only offer out.

But lo, what sound could wake me from this troubled reverie?
A new voice and a new song now were drifting on the breeze.
I couldn’t place the origin nor could I hear the words,
But there was something in the tune that I had never before heard.
It held a warmth and kindness, enough to soothe a troubled soul,
It didn’t need cold logic and it didn’t demand control.
Nor too were doubt and mistrust tones that echoed through my brain,
Those hallmarks of the mind which has embraced the insane.
Instead there was a nakedness and honesty inside,
The song which never claimed to have anything to hide.
Soon the river’s waters began to ripple and then she came,
Sailing in a boat with room for two, and one spot still remained.
I felt my heart begin to race, “Was this the chance I sought?
Salvation from the loneliness that clouds my every thought?”
The other voices began to sense a changing deep inside,
And soon they tried to warn me of the dangers of the ride.
“That boat will bring you nowhere, if you think that you’re trapped now,
Just imagine how hard life will be with no friends but the clouds.”
But the deceit could not be hidden from their poisonous words,
While in your song the purity of love was all I heard.

The boat pulled up along the shore, you beckoned me aboard,
That face that held a beauty I had so long adored.
Maybe all the doubts are true, but for what I desire most,
If in some universe there is a chance, I stepped off of the coast.
Into the boat and silence was the only sound I heard,
The voices that had plagued me had vanished without a word.
I looked at her, she looked at me, we pushed off from the shore,
With no doubts now that life could change and love last evermore.

When the Sun Falls to Earth

In the dark and frosty morning of the first winters chill,
I was alone inside my home on old Adam’s Hill.
Awakening to another day who knew only gray,
Who knew only gray.
And all I wanted to do was roll back in bed,
And drift away to other lands where nothing would be said,
Nothing would be said about this cold winter day,
This cold winter day.
The last embers burned out, I watched as they cried,
For the will to go on living but finally they died,
They died and the warmth that had tickled my bones,
Would not reach my soul.
No this man whose heart had given everything it had,
No longer had the strength to feel happy or feel sad,
Since the world had taken the only thing I ever wished to love,
I ever wished to love.

It was in spring when flowers meet the first exciting dawn,
When the sun is up and birds are calling them to come along.
My heart was young, my mind was light, as I walked through the fields,
As I walked through the fields.
I was alone, but no I heard a song that had no words,
A song that birds would dream to sing, a song that could be heard,
Not with the ears or with the mind but only with the heart,
Only with the heart.
Then she came, I thought the sun had fallen down to Earth,
Her hair was so radiant as to blind like light at first birth.
And her eyes were like two crystalline stars in a dark dark night,
Giving hope and light.
Everyday I walked through the fields and everyday I found,
Another reason, another life when love was all around.
For to be near her was to be near something words could not define,
To be with the divine.

Soon the days grew longer, and I praised the Lord for this,
Anytime I was asleep was a time that I would miss,
I was not with her and my dreams were only to be awake,
Only to be awake.
I raced the sun to the dawn, and watched him exit west,
Bowing out to the moon and stars when loving is the best.
It’s the things that you can’t see that always taste the sweetest,
Always taste the sweetest.
Sometimes we would spend the day and never speak a word,
Just sit and laugh at the beauty that existed in our world.
It was only times like this that I would fear death,
When heaven was every breath.
We thought as one we breathed as one we loved as one,
My Eve and I were only meant to exist as one.
And the force that would tear us apart,
Even the devil felt ashamed.

As summer waned and autumn’s colors first swept crossed the trees,
We felt no chill together from the cool fall breeze.
We believed that life would never change, and harmony would go on,
Harmony would go on.
But from the first cough I was scared and soon she lay in bed,
I was right there by her side and together we both read.
Poems that passed down through the ages, looking now for wisdom,
What to do at the end.
I remember the day, a storm was raging as Satan sought his prize,
I watched her final breath escape her lips before my eyes.
But the skies had cleared and heaven reclaimed the only love I knew,
The only love I knew.
Half a man whose heart was now refusing to go on,
Life is just a petty game, for the ride we go along.
I knew that someday, someday I will feel my love again,
Feel your love again.

The Importance of Unrequited Love


     We’ve all been there. We all have that one: elegant, graceful, beautiful, perfect. And out of our grasp. A love that could be so wonderful if only they felt the same way back. And yet we do not blame them; they are perfect, after all. It must be something we are doing wrong, must be some flaw in our character, some error in our personality. And so we look within and try to change, but there is no happy ending. Venus always eludes our grasp. But we never lose hope, no matter what happens. We never stop thinking, never stop trying, never stop loving the one who will never love us back. And through this we are lifted up ourselves to do things we would never have thought possible before. This is the power of unrequited love.
     There are several definitions of unrequited love, or perhaps misconceptions of what the true meaning of the phrase is. One who truly loves another would never do anything to hurt them, never grow angry with them, never become frustrated but for their own failings. Unrequited love is also very different from unconditional love. Unconditional love is an obligation, something that is a natural part of human life as with families and the like. Unrequited love is a choice, and therein lies the difference. With unrequited love, we throw ourselves into a whirlwind of emotions, knowing the end result will always disappoint, and yet holding on to the impossible hope, the perfect ideal, which overwhelms all reason. This devotion is not out of obligation but of choice, and for that it is much stronger, much deeper. It is a love that is given to another, not because they want it, but because they deserve it. This is the essence of unrequited love.
     Unrequited love need not be for another person. It could be for a country or a deity. But in all its forms, they key characteristic of unrequited love is that it inspires men to great things. It inspires the most selfless acts known to man, the greatest artistic achievements known to man. It inspires the lowly to raise themselves up and strive for greatness. It allows us to become something greater than we ever thought was possible. Through a pure love, a love unadulterated by the realities of life, a love that exists only as a perfect ideal within the mind, we can become more than we ever imagined. This is the importance of unrequited love.

The Look of God

I dreamed but could a dream capture the quiet majesty,
Of Venus dancing through the meadows, carried by the breeze.
I saw the sun break through the clouds to help her on her way,
It must have been a dream that could so carry me away.
Hair just like a prism, shattered the light in molten rays,
Drenched the world in many colors not yet given names.
I heard the mountain call to her, wind rushing down the vale,
And she answered with a song as the wind rose to a gale.
She used no words, she didn’t need them, no words could convey,
Nor could the moon nor stars nor sun on any solemn day,
Compare to my fair Venus, the look of God over her eyes,
And the angels wept in jealousy, in silent crystal skies.

I dreamed but could a dream capture the quiet majesty,
Of Venus dancing in the shallows, bathing in the breeze.
I saw her silhouetted in the sunset by the bay,
It must have been a dream that could so carry me away.
Eyes that pierce like burning diamonds, and love like tender swans,
Lips that bless the world with every breath like a new dawn.
I heard the ocean call to her, the waves came rushing on,
But all the noise on heaven and earth could not drown out her song.
She used no words, she didn’t need them, no words could convey,
Nor could the moon nor stars nor sun on any solemn day,
Compare to my fair Venus, the look of God over her eyes,
And the angels wept in jealousy, in silent crystal skies.

Musings on Love

“I am human and I need to be loved,
Just like everybody else does”
– Morrissey

It is commonly accepted that love is a fundamental force in the world of humanity, that it is something that everyone is searching for and that brings happiness when it is found. But why is love such a dominant and overpowering force in the human consciousness?

The answer is, as usual, evolution. After all, what is the purpose of life? If you are a diligent reader of this blog, you may recall that survival is the purpose of life. However, there is a second and very closely related purpose that is shared by all species, and that is procreation. Humanity would die out very quickly as a species if we all became sterile, or (unthinkably) stopped doing, well, you know.

Thusly, love is in fact the main goal of life, a goal that is not so much passive (as is survival) as it is aggressive, by which I mean to say you have to get out there and make it happen. The development of the emotion of love behind the base instinct of sex is well in line with the development of all emotions. All emotions are derived from base instincts which have been evolved into a new form  by the complexity of the human brain until the initial reason for their existence is forgotten in many cases. It’s all very postmodern.

The emotion of love is beneficial to the survival of humanity because it gives people the feeling of a higher purpose, resultant from the happiness it brings. Chemically of course, love might as well be a drug so that’s no surprise. Love is also beneficial in that it (in it’s more advanced forms) promotes monogamy and stronger familial bonds, which lead to more stable lives and thus higher rates of survival, not mention faster evolution as common ideas are passed down from one generation to the next.

I suppose the question now becomes why doesn’t everyone love each other? My best answer is that evolution, which is driven by conflict, and procreation, which is aided by stability, are currently existing in a state of relative equilibrium which has allowed humanity to become the dominant species on the planet. My hope is that in time, the more base aspects of evolution will become transcended as conflict becomes an unnecessary component of change. For now, all I know is that I need to be loved.

Just like everybody else does.

Lights on the Ground

Blessed be the ancients who looked up to the stars,
And dreamed a dream of tranquility away from earthly bars.
If only they could see us now, their heads would fall down in shame,
We tore the earth down, burned it up, and then asked who to blame?
Now I can’t see the stars for all the lights here on the ground,
I want to burn them up, and tear them down.

Listen, listen carefully to the dreams of my soul,
Rise and fall like the tide, never knowing where to go.
When you’re young you have no wisdom, and when you’re old you have no voice,
I can’t hear you calling me, but I swear, it’s not my choice.
And I can’t see the stars for all the lights here on the ground,
I want to burn them up, and tear them down.

Love is not an action; love is an idea,
Forgotten by so many minds whose wounds it is meant to heal.
Each step we took towards being free, only left us more enchained,
And you don’t have to look that far to see how much we’ve changed.
Now we can’t see the stars for all the lights here on the ground,
I want to burn them up, and tear them down.

Castles of Rain

Tell me, tell me, while the sun lies low,
Across the empty fields, where it once did glow,
What happened to the orchards and the summer’s green?
There was a beauty there that could never be seen.

I felt it as the rain came down the mountainside,
With a warm breeze, I used to close my eyes,
And that gentle wind would carry me away,
To deep blue skies and warm mellow days.

And now we’re kept apart, but we don’t know why,
Why do they even try?
Though we each live in castles of rain,
Together we can reach a palace in the sun.

Listen child, there across the bay,
Where the sun is setting on another day.
And the moon is rising on the open sea,
Do you remember when we used to be so free?

In the warming water, dancing in the soft light,
Waves breaking gently, in the delicate moonlight.
And the last rays of the sapphire sun,
Colored the ocean until the day was done.

And now we’re kept apart, but we don’t know why,
Why do they even try?
Though we each live in castles of rain,
Together we can reach a palace in the sun.

Don’t You Go

She sings in silent flowers,
High atop violet mountains,
Where the breeze will know her name.

And in the darkened fancy,
Beneath the shallow waters,
She calls out in a twilight tone.

Outside in blazing deserts,
The oasis just a mirage,
She brings me life in vibrant waves.

In the midnight hour, she comes to me,
Belladonna, don’t you go.

She dances in the jungles,
Of sneaking raindrops mellow,
And birds that give a siren’s call.

Within the icy winter,
Of seasons unforgiving,
She waits there ‘til the day is new.

And now the snow is melting,
Across the barren tundra,
She twists her way back to the sun.

In the midnight hour, she comes to me,
Belladonna, don’t you go.