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In So Many Eyes

In so many words,
A man has kissed but not loved,
And thus has died in a psychotic fire.
But if he had not kissed,
Could he ever have loved
Another who loved him
In so many words.

In so many things,
There is life and there is
The realization that death
Is but another insane child
In this quivering universe,
And I guess that’s a little bit funny
In so many things.

In so many seasons,
Snow falls but we don’t
See how lucid we really are.
And if I can’t know
How much I have seen
How can I proffer what I don’t have
In so many seasons.

In so many lives,
Light flickers and dies,
Children laugh and then cry,
Birds fly and then fall
Down in a thermal wind
That carries the heart
In so many lives.

In so many eyes,
The wispy heathens of day,
Watch them run away,
For fear of meeting another,
But if they could only sing,
The music that could be made
In so many eyes.

In so many hearts,
A black tar sucks in the world,
Torn apart by confusion,
And mad lust for flights of
Fancy that offer but a sliver
Of the love that cries
In so many hearts.

It’s A Start

It’s so dark, out there, does anyone really care?
That all the world has died, and no one even tried.
And so I’d like to know, where did all the kind people go?
I hear crying on the streets, where all the children bleed.

But even though the world is cold,
And though my time is growing old.
I can still feel and I can fight,
And hold the darkness from the light.

But I can’t do it on my own,
While everyone hides inside their homes.
So come out, come out of your shell,
And find the heaven in this hell.

I know it’s cold, out here,
And sometimes the way isn’t clear.
And sometimes your dreams, they disappoint,
We all wonder, “What’s the point?”

But don’t let the world, tear you apart,
Don’t sell your dreams, or your heart,
It isn’t much, but it’s a start.

Winter came so fast, summer wouldn’t last,
But don’t worry, stay deprived, of the world that’s right outside.
They’re starving in the gutters, crying for their mothers,
Your warmth will come again; their winter never ends.

But it doesn’t have to be this way,
There is some light in every day.
And if that doesn’t matter to you,
Then you have nothing more to lose.

Everyone else, come gather round,
And nobody speak, don’t make a sound.
We’ve all known pain, we all know loss,
Everyone’s felt the cost.

Now don’t run away, and don’t hide.
Don’t keep your heart, locked inside.
Cause no matter what your life has been,
You can always love again.

But don’t let the world, tear you apart,
Don’t sell your dreams, or your heart,
It isn’t much, but it’s a start.