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Scars of Worth

The scars you carry on your skin
Bely the pain held deep within,
While lashing out in moments mad,
You cut yourself because of dad,
But this was not your sin.

His shadow lurking in your brain,
Each day another cut of pain
You wanted just to disappear
Away from all the hurt and fear,
But you were not to blame.

I gazed into your azure eyes,
The girl who says she never cries.
I laid my hands across your chest,
Tonight we both will soundly rest,
And dream of the sunrise.

I saw your scars, I think we share
A pain that others could not bear,
Though I don’t have the marks to show
It’s only cause I didn’t know
That anyone would care.

A dream I had that became real,
A way I never thought I’d feel:
That I belonged with anyone
Or anything under the sun,
But now my heart can heal.

The scars you have, perhaps they’ll last,
Reminders of a solemn past.
To me they show a strength of mind,
To suffer – still – to stay alive
Is beauty unsurpassed.

Out from the darkness of our birth,
We stumble cross this holy earth,
So long I thought I’d naught to give,
But you showed me why I should live;
In your eyes I have worth.

Castles of Rain

Tell me, tell me, while the sun lies low,
Across the empty fields, where it once did glow,
What happened to the orchards and the summer’s green?
There was a beauty there that could never be seen.

I felt it as the rain came down the mountainside,
With a warm breeze, I used to close my eyes,
And that gentle wind would carry me away,
To deep blue skies and warm mellow days.

And now we’re kept apart, but we don’t know why,
Why do they even try?
Though we each live in castles of rain,
Together we can reach a palace in the sun.

Listen child, there across the bay,
Where the sun is setting on another day.
And the moon is rising on the open sea,
Do you remember when we used to be so free?

In the warming water, dancing in the soft light,
Waves breaking gently, in the delicate moonlight.
And the last rays of the sapphire sun,
Colored the ocean until the day was done.

And now we’re kept apart, but we don’t know why,
Why do they even try?
Though we each live in castles of rain,
Together we can reach a palace in the sun.

It’s A Start

It’s so dark, out there, does anyone really care?
That all the world has died, and no one even tried.
And so I’d like to know, where did all the kind people go?
I hear crying on the streets, where all the children bleed.

But even though the world is cold,
And though my time is growing old.
I can still feel and I can fight,
And hold the darkness from the light.

But I can’t do it on my own,
While everyone hides inside their homes.
So come out, come out of your shell,
And find the heaven in this hell.

I know it’s cold, out here,
And sometimes the way isn’t clear.
And sometimes your dreams, they disappoint,
We all wonder, “What’s the point?”

But don’t let the world, tear you apart,
Don’t sell your dreams, or your heart,
It isn’t much, but it’s a start.

Winter came so fast, summer wouldn’t last,
But don’t worry, stay deprived, of the world that’s right outside.
They’re starving in the gutters, crying for their mothers,
Your warmth will come again; their winter never ends.

But it doesn’t have to be this way,
There is some light in every day.
And if that doesn’t matter to you,
Then you have nothing more to lose.

Everyone else, come gather round,
And nobody speak, don’t make a sound.
We’ve all known pain, we all know loss,
Everyone’s felt the cost.

Now don’t run away, and don’t hide.
Don’t keep your heart, locked inside.
Cause no matter what your life has been,
You can always love again.

But don’t let the world, tear you apart,
Don’t sell your dreams, or your heart,
It isn’t much, but it’s a start.

Drew a Picture

You drew a picture there of me,
And that’s plain for all to see.
But why’d you draw me looking down,
With my head hung to the ground.

Is there something you’re trying to say?
You want me to go away,
But I could never, I could never go away,
Not on such a rainy day.

Where have you gone, where did you go?
The things I said, I didn’t know.
Can’t you remember a time before,
All the sadness knocking on our door.

We danced in meadows soft and green,
The prettiest flower ever seen.
The sun beat down, I closed my eyes,
But I always felt you by my side.

I never thought you’d really go
All our plans were made for two.
How can the world still carry on?
How is the sky still blue?

I thought I could forget,
I thought I could erase the pain.
But then I saw you passing by,
The memories all came back again.

I know things could never be the same,
But I’m still willing to try.
Because by your love I live,
And in your pain I die.

I drew a picture here of you,
And that’s me there by your side, too.
We’re looking up into the sky,
Where hopes and dreams are passing by.

Hope Never Dies

Will you please forgive me, but I can’t put into words,
That feeling, well you know how it goes.
That magic feeling, you know how it goes.

My ideals have fallen one by one,
But this last, it can still be saved.
Oh I believe it can still be saved.

Oh and there is so much I could do,
But what’s the point, all I want is you.
There is no point, without you.

Where do I go now, can you give me a sign?
Sometimes you smile and sometimes you sigh.
I’m dying inside, but I can’t let go,
Tell the sun not to rise and then maybe you’ll know.

And they say it’s the only love that can last,
The love that will never come to pass.
But we can prove them wrong,
Oh I believe it’s true, how ‘bout you?

And I don’t want to bore you,
But I can’t think of anything else.
And you know a man must be selfish,
To want to keep you just for himself.

And I know that word still hasn’t crossed my lips,
Should I keep it in or should I let it slip?
Do I take that chance, or do I stay silent,
Because hope never dies, hope never dies.