I Remember

I remember when love was just an idea,
I remember when it was perfect,
How could it ever be wrong?
In my mind I saw you dancing,
It was the most beautiful sight,
My eyes had ever fallen upon.
I remember you laughing,
And I thought I would be right there with you.
I remember those days,
Those days that I wished would never end,
When hope was everywhere,
I didn’t know any better,
How could I?
We were perfect, you and I,
Why couldn’t you see?
You ran through so much sadness,
You cried and I wished I was there.
You let them hurt you, I trembled,
Why did you let them do it?
I’ve been standing here the whole time,
Waiting for you to see me,
Waiting for you to realize,
What you had always wanted,
Was what I always wanted to give you.
But it was not to be,
The perfection that lay at the end of that road,
Was never achieved.
Like so many other tales that end,
They are not sung, they are not remembered,
But they are as real as you and I.

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