Hope Never Dies

Will you please forgive me, but I can’t put into words,
That feeling, well you know how it goes.
That magic feeling, you know how it goes.

My ideals have fallen one by one,
But this last, it can still be saved.
Oh I believe it can still be saved.

Oh and there is so much I could do,
But what’s the point, all I want is you.
There is no point, without you.

Where do I go now, can you give me a sign?
Sometimes you smile and sometimes you sigh.
I’m dying inside, but I can’t let go,
Tell the sun not to rise and then maybe you’ll know.

And they say it’s the only love that can last,
The love that will never come to pass.
But we can prove them wrong,
Oh I believe it’s true, how ‘bout you?

And I don’t want to bore you,
But I can’t think of anything else.
And you know a man must be selfish,
To want to keep you just for himself.

And I know that word still hasn’t crossed my lips,
Should I keep it in or should I let it slip?
Do I take that chance, or do I stay silent,
Because hope never dies, hope never dies.

Don't Be Silent

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