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Drew a Picture

You drew a picture there of me,
And that’s plain for all to see.
But why’d you draw me looking down,
With my head hung to the ground.

Is there something you’re trying to say?
You want me to go away,
But I could never, I could never go away,
Not on such a rainy day.

Where have you gone, where did you go?
The things I said, I didn’t know.
Can’t you remember a time before,
All the sadness knocking on our door.

We danced in meadows soft and green,
The prettiest flower ever seen.
The sun beat down, I closed my eyes,
But I always felt you by my side.

I never thought you’d really go
All our plans were made for two.
How can the world still carry on?
How is the sky still blue?

I thought I could forget,
I thought I could erase the pain.
But then I saw you passing by,
The memories all came back again.

I know things could never be the same,
But I’m still willing to try.
Because by your love I live,
And in your pain I die.

I drew a picture here of you,
And that’s me there by your side, too.
We’re looking up into the sky,
Where hopes and dreams are passing by.