Don’t Mind Me

The twisted yellow moonlight, shining through the trees,
Is carried on the winter’s breeze, and I’m gasping for air.
Running through the shallow darkness, the snow falling down,
Tries to bury me in the ground, and I don’t even care.

Just leave me here in silent frenzy, run off on your own,
And I’ll meet you back at home, if I can remember where to go.
All the faces in the forest, branches shake and laugh at me,
Red horns and eyes I see, rising up from the earth below.

But don’t mind me, I wasn’t there,
You didn’t see, and I couldn’t care.

Throw me back in jail, where the walls rise ever higher,
And there’s no warmth in the fire, and I can’t hear a sound.
The snow keeps falling all around, they tell me I’ll be out some day,
But what good would it do to pray, if God has just skipped town?

Slipping and sliding away from me, you’ve had your fun,
Now wait up for the purple sun, and dream in patterns of lies.
And over in paranoia corner, I’ll be falling slowly down,
I can’t wait ‘til I hit the ground, and my dream finally dies.

But don’t mind me, I wasn’t there,
You didn’t see, and I couldn’t care

Don't Be Silent

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