I’m Not Here

It’s so unreal,
Looking down at you, from up here.
I can’t explain, there’s no pain,
I’m sorry, I had to leave you this way.
It’s not clear, in your eyes,
Why I’m not here.
I never was.
Can you remember,
When you were young?
You’d look at the sun,
The world opened before you.
Those paths have gone away,
Melted by the lies, the sun’s rays.
The only warmth I’ve ever felt,
Came from a million miles away.
And there it can stay,
Away from my eyes, are you really surprised,
I’m not here?
I never was.
Look up at the sky,
See the stars, shine on your face,
Each one held, right in its place,
Gone, for millions of years,
No one shed any tears.
Can you see me up there?
Burned out so young, where have I gone?
I’m not here.
I never was.

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