What We Were Left With

Why did you have to leave so soon?
We’d only just found each other again,
Years had passed with nothing to say,
Now I wish for but one more day.

And now I hardly believe the words,
Just go away, just go away.
Let me crawl under my bed and hide,
This dream must pass on by the by.

I suppose this is your way of getting back,
I didn’t want to go, you pushed me away.
And I know that I should feel differently,
And can you? But you could never see.

I take that back, I’ll take it all,
All my sorrow and all my joy.
And put it in a little black case,
And trade it all just to see your face.

And everyone else, all my friends who came,
And offered their hand and offered themselves,
To grieve instead but I turned them away,
And I think my sorrow is here to stay.

But now I feel and now I know,
What we have lost will never equal,
What we were left with, but I can’t be sad,
What we were left with ain’t half bad.

Some days I pull out the memories,
And I laugh and I cry but most of all,
I have them, and no one else can say,
They can pull them out on a rainy day.

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