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All We Share

I’ve been running around, nobody hears no sound,
Nobody’s listening to wasters like me.
Keep getting on, keep getting on, cause getting off
That’s not for dreamers like me.
Come crying round, we’ll tread the same old ground,
The only few people who care.
Sometimes I think, but sometimes I think,
Now the tears are all we share.

Some days they roll by, my head up in the sky,
The blue expanse of endless dreams.
When the clouds roll by, then do I wonder why
I’m stuck here with this life of broken means?
You can’t understand, silver spoon in your hand,
Why isn’t everyone else like you?
Sometimes I’m trying, but you see me crying,
Like only freaks would do.

I’ll trade my memories for your empty dreams,
At least there’s some hope left to find
In chasing round but never nailing down
These dreams, they’re torturing my mind.
It’s such lovely advice, oh it must be so nice,
To live atop the cloudy sky,
But if for one day, you saw things my way,
Maybe then you’d finally learn to cry.

So don’t come around, don’t want to hear your sound,
I think it’s better to be alone.
Don’t be lying, don’t be crying all the tears,
The love you’ve never shown.
You could never find the pain inside my mind,
You wouldn’t even be able to care,
We’re worlds apart, and since you broke my heart,
I hope the tears are all we share.