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An Unknown Heart

My mind, so long filled with the fire and
The brimstone of a damaged birth,
Now at last may peer across those
Visions which I cannot find the words to describe,
And as I ponder the nameless colors of my intuition
I feel as though a veil has been cast upon
The infinite rainbow of madness;
So much have I struggled to eradicate
The darker corners of my perception,
And yet it is to the ineffable beauty of
Blindness that I find the words are gone missing,
Or indeed, have never been demanded into being;
We who have upon the Earth thrust our dreams and nightmares
And made both a heaven and hell
Out of our only home, are yet the slaves
To our greatest achievement, and where once
In glory did those first formed sounds escape
Our lips, now we are held in bondage,
And can think only the terms we have ourselves
Defined; and I sit here and dream in verse
But my nameless visions are ever assaulted
And my ceaseless thoughts are ever besieged
As I trod upon the words of so many before,
And try to rearrange the feelings in black and white,
And I think in the only way I have ever known,
But ever I imagine, in my softer days,
When the sun is like the Christmas Star
And the forests are nestled in its primordial heat;
Ever I dream and imagine what I would see
In the light of an unknown heart.