There are two types of nothing a person can know. One of these is the greatest feeling in the world, and one is the worst.

The first type of nothing comes when a person neither feels nor cares about anything. A complete ignorance leading to a complete bliss. Interestingly, this form of nothing allows a man to be anything. Stripped from the duties of a normal life, the mind is free to wander, free to become anything. It is the ultimate escape. In other words, this type of nothing involves a willingness to become nothing, to embrace oblivion and the void and thus become everything.

The second form of nothing is not a choice. It is an emptiness that comes from feeling the world believes you are nothing. It is feeling that one’s life has a complete absence of value.This nothing traps you within the one thing you don’t want to be: yourself. There is not a pain, as it were, in this nothing. One doesn’t cry and sob, or throw fits, or hurt anyone. How could you? These things all involve being able to feel something, and if you can feel you can hope. It is a state of utter hopelessness, the belief that the world no longer believes they exist, that the world doesn’t care, that most easily allows one to kill themselves, because following those thoughts to a logical conclusion, nothing will change (no pun intended).

In summary, the main difference between these two extreme states of being is the essence of choice. One desires nothing, the other that nothing desires them. In both cases death is not an unwelcome friend, but simply the only place left to go.

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